Saturday, September 3, 2011

Women from Cuba played in the All-American Girls Baseball League

A collage of six Cuban players who were members of the All-American Girls Baseball League.

Clockwise from top left with seasons in the league in parenthesis: Isora del Castillo (1949-51), Mirtha Marrero (1948-53), Isabel Alvarez (1949-54), Luisa Gallegos (1948-49), Migdalia Perez (1948-54) and Gloria Ruiz (1948).

According to Cuban Ball, "Women were involved with Cuban baseball from the very beginning. First as fans and later as participants in women's teams."

At the Cuban Cultural Center of New York’s Aug. 20 congress on Cuban baseball history, Leslie Heaphy, an assistant history professor at Kent State University and author of Encyclopedia of Women and Baseball, gave a presentation on the history of women in Cuban baseball.

Isora del Castillo is the only women enshrined in the Cuban Baseball Hall of Fame, having been elected in 1997.

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