Friday, February 18, 2011

Angel Scull almost became the Senators' first black player in 1954

MASN's Phil Wood had an interesting post Friday regarding former Cuban League star Angel Scull.

According to the post, Scull (standing between Hector Rodriguez, left, and Roberto Oritz) could have been the first black player to grace the Washington Senators' roster in 1954.

Although Cuban players on the Senators were commonplace thanks largely to the efforts of scout Joe Cambria, non of those players had been black.

According to Wood's post, "From the time the major leagues integrated in 1947, through the 1953 season, not a single black player appeared in a Washington uniform."

During spring training in 1954, Scull, who was elected to the Cuban Baseball Hall of Fame in 1997, Scull was poised to change that until he sustained a leg injury that spring. Scull never played in the majors, toiling instead in the minors until the age of 40.

Instead, the Senators' first black player was Cuban-born Carlos Paula, who debuted on Sept. 6, 1954.

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