Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rare 1920s Cuban baseball card set from draws attention, interest

A set of Cuban baseball cards from the 1920s has been garnering a lot of attention in recent days.

The cards, a complete set of the 1924-25 Aguilitas Segundas series, are part of a large collection (900 cards) that featured celebrities from sports and entertainment fields. The set includes 44 players from the Cuban League, including some of the greatest Cuban and Negro league players.

Among them: Cristobal Torriente, Armando Marsans, Pop Lloyd, Jose Mendez, Adolfo Luque, Oscar Charleston, Alejandro Oms, Biz Mackey and Dick Lundy.

Here's a complete list courtesy of Cubanball.com.

The set sold for $41,434.80 on SPC Auctions.

It was featured in The Miami Herald and in a cool segment on NPR with baseball historian Peter Bjarkman.